Industrial ACA crusher for recycling of stone wool and other insulation materials

ACA crusher for recycling of insulation materials

Stone wool crusher for recycling of insulation materials like stone wool and Rockwool.

The industrial insulation mill opens and crushes the insulation material and separates it from the wrapping, which is subsequently removed and recycled. The mill can crush the insulation material to the particle size desired by the customer.

The customized ACA crusher/mill is very well suited for crushing of insulation material destined for recycling, whether the material is old or new. The mill opens and crushes the stone wool and separates it from the wrapping, which is subsequently removed and recycled.

After removing the wrapping, the insulation material can be reused in the production of new materials.

The crusher is suitable for continuous 24/7 operation and has a large capacity. The size of the output can be adjusted as desired.

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Isolerings Materiale Til Genanvendelse

Stone wool and other insulation ready for crushing / milling 

Recycling of stone wool

An industrial ACA mill can help recycle stone wool and Rockwool whether new products or material from recycling centres or building construction and demolition sites.

The ACA crusher is fitted with a large customized hopper which is adjusted to the customer’s requirements, so it is easy to load the material into the hopper with the help of a Digger or from a conveyor belt.

Strong crusher for crushing of stone wool and Rockwool

With a weight of between 5 and 20 tonnes, a torque of 13,000 newton metres and reverse operation in the event of excess current, breakdown of the crusher can be avoided, and many years of useful life and safe, reliable 24/7 operation in the company is assured.


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Trouble-free operation

Thanks to the crusher’s special design, even very light items are pulled straight into the machine without bridging and are crushed without any problems.

The industrial insulation crusher comes with a tailor-made hopper

The insulation crusher is fitted with a large hopper which is adjusted to the customer’s requirements, so it is easy to load the material into the hopper with the help of a Digger or from a conveyor belt.

Capacity according to requirements

The mill can be supplied in standard sizes with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 screws depending on the desired capacity.

2 Recycling Af Mineraluld

Easy sorting of insulation materials

The coarse insulation mill crushes the stone wool, Rockwool and other insulation and separates it from foreign bodies such as silver foil, wrapping, nails, steel rails, wood, etc., which are subsequently removed. After removing the foreign bodies, the stone wool can be recycled.

Where does the material come from?

 ACA insulation mills are made for recycling insulation materials such as stone wool and rockwool. The machine mills insulation materials from recycling stations, demolition sites, building construction and new fabrication.

3 ACA Neddeler Med Hårdmetals Skruer

ACA crusher / mill with 4 screws made with extra-hard metal

What is an insulation crusher?

An insulation crusher is a big industrial machine, used to recycle insulation materials such as stone- and rockwool. ACA customize the machines, so that the hopper size and screws are made to fit your industry’s desire and needs.

Benefits of the crusher

The benefits of an insulation crusher is mostly the ability of recycling stone and rockwool materials. Other than that, the insulation crusher is not just able to recycle the material itself, it separates the insulation from the foreign material like wrapping, and makes it easy to sort and recycle everything again. The output materials are the desired size, so the work afterwards is minimized the most possible way.

Need a break?

The insulation crusher does not need a break, it will continue for the time you desire and the industry needs. Even 24/7, the crusher is able to manage that. The crushers are made with a special design, so that even light rockwool insulation can be pulled into the machine and shredded without any problems.

Slow-turning insulation crusher

The ACA insulation crusher is a slow-turning machine that crushes standard stone wool bats as well as special hard-pressed plates or rolls. The crusher is a strong machine with a high torque.

The crusher’s noise level is 75 DB at a distance of 1 metre from a machine running on empty. A machine with only 15 RPM per minute produces a minimum of dust.

Easy in operation

For trained staff the machine is very easy to operate and easy to load due to the large hopper.

Output of granulated stone wool and Rockwool

The insulation crusher’s flexible design makes it easy for the user to regulate the size of the output by adjusting the rotating or fixed knives. The knives are easy to replace.

Isolerings Materiale Output

Strong crusher / mill for crushing of stone wool and Rockwool

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