ACA crusher for recycling of organic food waste as biomass

The ACA crusher is ideal for crushing/opening organic food waste so it can be converted into biomass and used to produce green energy. This applies to both packaged and unpackaged food waste, e.g. tomato sauce, mayonnaise, juice, tartar sauce, etc. This is a truly sustainable source of energy.

The ACA crusher crushes the food waste and the material is into the desired size.

Plastic is eliminated later, and the food waste can be recycled as biomass and subsequently be converted into different forms of fuel such as biogas, bioethanol or wood pellets.

Any foreign bodies such as small metal objects, plastic or similar will not damage the crusher. The ACA crusher is slow-turning and very quiet. The size of the output can be adjusted as desired.

Input: organic food waste

Recycling of organic food waste

The crusher crushes the organic food waste to a fraction so it is ready for use as biomass.

Slow-turning crusher

The ACA crusher is a slow-turning machine operating at 15 RPM per minute with a torque of 13,000 newton metres per screw even at this low number of revolutions.

The ACA crusher is a very flexible machine in terms of input and output, size and material.


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Effective crusher for organic food waste

The crusher’s output is generated in an even flow. This makes it much easier to optimise the subsequent pressing of the material to suit the rest of the production process.

Output of organic food waste

The ACA crusher’s flexible design makes it easy for the user to regulate the size of the output by adjusting the rotating knives. The knives are easy to replace.

Output for biomass

Output for biomass


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