Electrical crushers and bale openers

ACA machines are customized for crushing / shredding your material.
Effective volume reduction.
Reducing CO2 footprint.
For a better World.

What can ACA do for you?

ACA is a leading industrial company with a focus on the breakdown of materials, CO2 savings, and volume reduction for our clients. We specialize in the development and production of 100% electric crushers and bale openers that are designed to minimize both energy consumption and the environmental impact of your business.

We tailor to your needs

We work closely with our clients to adapt our machines to their specific needs and business models. Our solutions are therefore tailored to optimize their productivity and save both energy and resources.

Benefit from future demands

The future demands for businesses are predicted with green eyes. With more than 20 years of experience in the recycling of materials, ACA is ready to turn the burden into a profit for our clients by using our crushers and bale openers.

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Reduce costs & CO2 footprint

Our technology and innovation within crushers enable a significant volume reduction in the production process for our clients. Our products operate independently as well as part of a larger value chain. This results in less material use and saves energy, which reduces costs and the CO2 footprint for our clients.

Good for the environment, good for your business!

Example of efficiency: For example, 100 trucks with a fill rate of 25% – after crushing your material, the fill rate will be much greater, at least 50% depending on the material. Gypsum, glass wool, rock wool, wood, and ordinary combustible waste, etc. This results in a 50% CO2 reduction, and there is only a need for 50 trucks.

Do you have a new type of material you would like us to test?

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Industrial crushers for recycling

Industrial crushers are often used during the process of recycling depending on the material in question and the purpose of the recycled waste.

ACA Recycling specializes in the application of industrial crushers with the of purpose aiding in the disposal, processing or recycling of your discarded building material, plastic waste, biomass or otherwise recyclable produce.

ACA Industry possesses the necessary experience and the capability to find the solution appliable to your recycling needs. With the ACA crusher, organic food waste and related material is crushed into the desired manageable proportions, whereafter the processing possibilities for conversion into e.g. fuel is easily achievable.

The ACA crusher is capable of customization in direct relation to the desired output. Additionally, its adaptability allows for a flexible utilization without the danger of foreign bodies in the waste having an adverse effect on the efficiency of the ACA crusher.

Today, recycling is a large industrial undertaking with many steps during the process requiring specialized tools to handle. The ACA crusher is an optimal solution for recycling needs across many industries, largely independent on the type of waste.

ACA Industry and Recycling ensures a seamless integration of the ACA crusher’s function into multiple recycling processes, such as production of new plasterboards made from recycled production waste, or the conversion of recycled foodstuffs into animal feed.


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