Industrial plastic bottles bale opener machine

Hard-pressed bales are loosened entirely, and the bottles exit one by one without being damaged.

ACA is a bale opener manufacturer. The ACA bale opener is also called a bale breaker machine. It is highly suitable for opening bales of plastic bottles containing PET, RPET or HDPE, milk containers, etc.

The plastic bottle bale opener opens even hard-pressed bales of plastic bottles, whether large or small, and the bottles are loosened entirely and exit one by one without being damaged.

With a degree of breakdown approximately at 96%. This facilitates the subsequent sorting by color and type of material, as well as the control of flow throughout the remaining process.

The ACA bale opener is a very strong machine and cheap in operation. The output quantity can be adjusted as desired. 

Is a bale opener and bale breaker machine the same?

The bale opener and the bale breaker manufactured by ACA, is the same. It is just two different words for the same and whether there is said bale opener or bale breaker, there is meant the same machine.

The bale opener can open the following types of plastic:

  • PET
  • PP
  • PS
  • HD
  • PC
  • LD
  • PE
  • PC
  • PVB
ACA Balleåbner Med Kundetilpasset Tragt

ACA manufactured bale breaker with tailor-made hopper

Important things when dissolving plastic bottles

  1. Control the flow of output from the machine, which can be done by controlling the speed up or down, so that it ensures a smooth flow all the time
  2. We separate the product 96% from each other 
  3. That the bottles do not break into pieces 

They should be chopped into small plastic granules afterwards, but it is easier to sort one whole piece. 

If, for example, 1 ton of plastic bales are placed in the ACA manufactured, which must be sorted according to material or color, 1000 pieces will come out in ACA’s bale opener, whereas in other machines up to 10,000 pieces will come out. 

Anyone can loosen and open a bale, but ACA manufacturers has an understanding of simplifying and making it easier to sort and process output. 

The bale breaker can be adapted according to capacity

The ACA bale breaker is available in different versions. The bale breaker can be supplied in standard sizes with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 10 screws depending on the desired capacity. The customized hopper is available in sizes from 2 m3 to 20 m3.

The advantage of a slow-turning bale breaker machine

The ACA bale breaker machine has slow-turning screws, which ensures that the plastic bottles are loosened entirely and exit one by one without being damaged. Degree of breakdown approximately 96%.

The ACA bale breaker is a slow-turning machine operating at 15 RPM per minute with a torque of 13,000-newton meters per screw, even at this low number of revolutions.

What happens to the last 4% that do not dissolve?

We detach virtually all bottles from each other, but it can never be 100%, which is why we say 96%.


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Highly effective bale opener for plastic bottles

The ACA bale opener has slow-turning screws and therefore produces an even flow of output. The degree of breakdown is approximately 96%. This makes it much easier to sort the material afterward and optimize production.

The bale opener can also be used for flow control in the company

The ACA bale opener can be fitted with a control device that makes it easy to better control the flow throughout the sorting process. The bottles exit one by one – and in one piece. The degree of breakdown is approximately 96%.

How to use in the workflow

A standalone manufacture is a machine which is standing alone and working. It is possible to use it alone or together with the others in the workflow. The machine needs input and then it will work and leave the output for you to get rid of. 

The bale opener is often used as the first one of many in the company’s workflow. It means that the machine is the first step and can be used, to flow the working as needed. 

For example is it possible for a company to have twenty machines, which all together present the company and the workflow. ACA Industry’s bale opener will be the first placed and presented, which is how it can control the workflow by the speed and output emount. 

2 Input Plast Flasker Med PET PP PS HD

The bale opener opens even hard-pressed bales as well as loose bales of plastic bottles. Degree of breakdown approximately 96%

What does the workflow do?

The workflow makes it possible to specify the output enormously fine. If the output comes out evenly and uniformly, it can optimize and control the processes and the future operation. This makes it easier to plan and manage the process, when there is a smooth flow on a regular basis.

Easy sorting the plastic by color and type of material

As the bottles exit, one by one – the degree of breakdown is approximately 96% – the subsequent sorting by color and type of material becomes easy, as does the control of flow throughout the remaining process.

1 åbning Af Baller Med PET Flasker

ACA manufactured bale breaker as tailor-made solution

Strong bale breaker

With a substantial weight of up to 20 tonnes, a torque of 13,000-newton meters and reverse operation in the event of excess current, breakdown of the machine can be avoided, and many years of useful life and safe, reliable operation in the company is assured.

The bale breaker opens even hard-pressed bales as well as loose bales of plastic bottles. The degree of breakdown is approximately 96%.

The bale breaker is cheap in operation

The machine’s movable parts do not touch each other, guaranteeing a long useful life of the parts, as it is the plastic bottles that are crushed against each other, thereby becoming separated.

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Effective bale opener for bales of plastic and briquettes

Recycling of plastic packaging material

Fortunately, there are many ways in which we can help reduce the harmful impact of plastic on our environment. One of the most effective measures, apart from completely eliminating the use of plastic, is to try to recycle the plastic as much as possible. By focusing on recycling plastic materials, we are helping the environment and helping ensure that we can leave a habitable planet to our children and grandchildren. By using a bale opener, you can break down bales almost 100% and in that way make sure that the plastic bottles can be recycled. This procedure is both profitable and environmentally responsible.

It is possible to obtain bale openers that are perfectly matched to your company’s requirements. Bale openers can be supplied with a varying number of screws, depending on the volume to be processed.

It is easy to integrate the bale opener in a company’s workflow, as the machine is easy to load whether the material comes from a conveyor belt or is loaded into the hopper by a forklift. The bale opener presents the huge advantage that it can loosen compressed PET plastic bottles entirely without destroying them, so they become easy to recycle or sort further.

5 Output Af Plastflasker HD PC PE PVB

Output of plastic bottles

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