Bale opener for paper and cardboard bales

Our bale openers opens even the most hard-pressed paper and cardboard bales, so the paper is loosened. Then the loose paper can quickly be sorted and dissolved in the pulper. The savings in the pulper are around 30%. The ACA machine for paper bales is cheap in operation and very quiet.

The bale breaker machine is highly suited for opening compressed bales containing paper and cardboard. The output quantity can be adjusted as desired.

Balleaabner Til Papir

Bale breaker for opening of paper and cardboard bales. Mobile and stationary solutions.

ACA bale opener operating 24/7

The machine is available as both stationary and mobile solutions.

Our paper and cardboard machine is available in different versions. The opener comes in six standard sizes. 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 screws depending on the capacity you desire. The hopper can be customized in sizes ranging from 2 m3 to 20 m3.

All our machines are costummade

At ACA we do have a sketch for the machines to form out, which we present and show for the customer. All the machines are custommade and the machines can be made just the way you want it. ACA wants the machines to fit, for the customers needs and workflow process.

Machine operating at just 15 rpm per minute!

Even at a low number of revolutions (15 RPM per minute) this slow-turning machine operates with an impressive torque of 13,000 newton metres per screw.


Send us an e-mail and we will tell you what makes our crushers so unique!


Call us now and we will tell you what makes our crushers so unique!


Send us an e-mail now and let us tell you why our bale opener and crushers are unique!

Highly effective paper and cardboard machine operating 24/7

The output is produced in an even flow by the bale paper and cardboard bale breaker. The loose material results in a 30% saving in the subsequent pulper.

Strong bale opener for paper and cardboard

Our machines are very stable and rarely brakes down. Should you encounter excess current then the machine has a reverse option. But with a torque of 13,000 newton metres and substantial weight of up to 20 tonnes you will rarely experience breakdowns.

This machine for paper and cardboard will have many years of useful life. It will be reliable and operation in the company is assured.

2 Input Papir Baller

Paper or cardboard bales

Output Af Papirballer

Output: paper or cardboard bales

Cheap to operate

We guarantee a long useful life of the parts because the paper and cardboard is seperated by the bales being crushed against each other. That means the machine’s moving parts do not touch each other and therefore the parts do not wear out quickly.

Highly effective operating 24/7

The machine produces an even flow of output. The loose material results in a 30% saving in the subsequent pulper.

Future focus

ACA separates and reduces the volume of the input. By reducing the input it is possible to minimize the size of the material, which can save the company’s transport with trucks. In the end it will mean less co2 and the ability of handling more output at a time. 

For example a truck which could transport 5 tons output material, is now after the volume-reduction, able to transport 25 tons. This is an optimization at 500%!

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