ACA crusher – recycling of mineral wool and glass wool

ACA crusher for recycling of mineral wool, glass wool and sliver foil.

The mill opens and crushes the glass wool. The mill can crush the glass wool insulation material to the particle size that you may desire. And you can even do the adjustment easily yourself.

The mineral wool mill opens and crushes the glass wool and separates it from the wrapping. Subsequently, the glass wool is easily removed and recycled.

And you can now reuse the glass wool in the production of new material.

Whether the insulation crusher is new or old, the crusher is well suited to crush the glass wool destined for recycling.

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Crusher / mill for recycling of glass wool and mineral wool from recycling stations and building construction and demolition sites.

The glass wool mill has a large capacity and you can easily adjust the size of the output as you desire.

ACA crushing machines are suitable for continuous operation 24/7.

Recycling of glass wool

ACA crusher for recycling of glass wool from recycling stations, demolition sites and building construction.

Tailor-made hopper for your glass wool crusher

We customize all of our machines to fit your requirements of the hopper.

We fit the glass wool crusher with a large hopper. Which combined with your requirements make it easy to load the material with a Digger or from a conveyor belt.

ACA crusher of glass wool in 24/7 operation

Thanks to the crusher’s special design, even very light items are pulled straight into the machine without bridging and are crushed without any problems.


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No bridging of mineral wool

The coarse insulation mill crushes the glass wool / mineral wool and separates it from foreign bodies such as sliver foil, wrapping, nails, steel rods, wood, etc. which is subsequently removed. After removing the foreign bodies, the glass wool can be recycled.

Slow-turning granulator for glass wool / mineral wool

The ACA mill is a slow-turning machine that crushes even hard-pressed glass wool sheets or pipes without any problems. The ACA mill is a strong machine with a high torque.

Highly effective operation

The mill produces an even flow of output. This makes it much easier to optimise the subsequent screening of the material to suit the rest of the production process.

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No bridging of mineral wool

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Crusher / mill with six screws

Strong machine

With a substantial weight of up to 20 tonnes, a torque of 13,000 newton metres and reverse operation in the event of excess current, breakdown of the crusher can be avoided and many years of useful life and safe, reliable operation in the company is assured.

Cheap in operation

The machine’s movable parts do not touch each other, which guarantees a long useful life of the parts, as the glass wool is crushed against itself.

ACA crushers are environmentally friendly

Besides the environmentally friendly crushers the machines are very quiet. With a noise level as low as 75 DB at a distance of 1 metre from a machine running on empty this is very sattisfying.

One of the main reasons for the low level of noise is that the machine runs with only 15 RPM. And the slow turning mill also produces a minimum of dust.


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Output of mineral wool / glass wool

Output of granulated mineral wool / glass wool

The ACA crusher’s flexible design makes it easy for the user to regulate the size of the output by adjusting the rotating or fixed knives. The knives are easy to replace.

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Recycling of glass wool and mineral wool with sliver foil

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